Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Parquet Battens – Achieving Distinctive Floors Fast

As major wood flooring distributors to the trade, we stock a large range of contemporary and traditional floors including parquet battens and borders.

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Vintage Styling

In interior design there is a growing move towards the vintage decor now fitting many current trends in wallpaper, soft furnishings, solid wood furniture and flooring. As wood flooring distributors we have found that parquet battens not only appeals to people wanting a unique type of flooring, but it also works well in period properties, of which there are many in London. There is a growing move towards householders and commercial property owners now willing to embrace a building’s original character.

Parquet battens were introduced in the 17th century, they have a timeless elegance, which is now making a comeback. Some typical ways to furnish a vintage building is to enhance its period features, such as hanging a painting or mirror above a fireplace, and choosing furniture that is reflective of the time the property was built.

On Trend Geometry

Rich, geometric designs in solid wood flooring is making a return – especially among those who want to move away from the stark minimalist look that has graced so many homes and businesses over the last 20 years.  Strong patterned flooring, such as parquet battens, is the perfect backdrop to a contemporary room.

This type of flooring suits interiors which have been styled with great attention to detail; it may include modern furnishings, such as oversized floor and side lamps, soft white leather sofas and statement furniture, such as bold seating or clear glass tables in strong geometric shapes. You can even mix and match designs, combining one or two items of creative modern furniture with solid wood parquet flooring, and keeping the rest of the interior minimalist.

Modern Timbers and Colours

From parquet panels to strip wood flooring, as wood flooring distributors we offer a multitude of timber to choose from, which will suit customers wanting either dark or light solid wood flooring.

For customers who prefer light coloured flooring and want to make a room appear spacious and airy, European Oak prime or rustic grade parquet flooring is a popular choice, and has an attractive, timeless look. Also these are available tumbled to achieve an authentic worn appearance replicating an original floor.

Parquet flooring is available in not only in a variety of wood species and grades of timber, but in numerous sizes, and designs, such as herringbone, double herringbone, and 5:1 basket.

Customers can choose from a range of finishes on site and they can also be provided distressed/tumbled which is suitable for areas of high traffic and also fumed, which provides a statement interior.

Easy to Install

Solid wood parquet battens vary in size from 70mm wide to 280/300/350mm in length, which provides more scope for wood flooring installers to cover a lot of floor in not much time. However, despite this, the final effect is very intricate – which suggests a lot more effort went into laying the floor.

These types of wood panels are available in 6mm, 9mm and 10mm thickness, depending on the timber chosen.

Compatible with Most Modern Subfloors

Mosaic wood panels can be installed over most types of floors and subflooring. As wood floor adhesive distributors, we would recommend that you use only a high quality adhesive, and not the all purpose type adhesive as this won’t be strong enough to secure the flooring in place.

Just contact us direct at Wood Floors & Accessories for advice if you are unsure about the correct adhesive to use.

About Wood Floors & Accessories

Wood Floors & Accessories are wood flooring distributors and stockists to the trade.

We are a one stop shop, so in addition to our extensive range of timber flooring, as wood flooring wholesalers we also stock leading names in tools, machinery and accessories. So we have all the products you need for the successful installation of solid wood flooring.

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Beauty of Aged and Distressed Flooring

As the UK's leading wood flooring stockists to the trade, we at Wood Floors & Accessories find that aged and distressed flooring is a popular option. This is because it looks natural and warm and is also easy to maintain. Households and businesses alike often choose this type of flooring, which is especially suitable for anywhere which is heavily used. For instance, clients running a busy shop will find that an aged and distressed floor stands up to heavy footfall and any minor resulting flaws actually make it look better.

This style of flooring is an especially good choice for a traditional or older building such as a pub undergoing a renovation, and will go well with antique furniture. However, your customers will find that it can also create a striking contrast when teamed with more modern d├ęcor, for instance in a mainly white contemporary kitchen, or a shop selling the latest designer fashions. This type of wood finish will also go well with any type and shade of wallpaper or paint.

Wood Floors & Accessories' wide range of products supplied to the trade includes a wide choice of aged and distressed wood finishes, so we are bound to have a product which will suit your customers' requirements. Each piece of aged wood we supply has been tumbled and finished by hand.

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History of Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors became popular with wealthier households from the 17th century onwards, and were stained, sanded, oiled and waxed to make them look good. This was highly labour-intensive and involved long hours for a lot of servants. Large amounts of hardwood were increasingly shipped to Britain from North America to meet the growing demand.

Rich Victorian households favoured parquet floors with the boards being cut and fitted for each house individually. Then, in the early 20th century, the arrival of tongue and groove flooring made it possible for those with more modest incomes to fit wooden floors too, as these boards could be laid directly on to concrete. With all these types of flooring, any minor damage or imperfections arising from use helped to make the wood look unique and to create a feeling of heritage.

Linoleum became popular from the 1920s and after the Second World War some people took up wooden floors and replaced them with carpets. However, since those days the beauty of wood flooring has been rediscovered, with the more recent arrival of engineered wood flooring adding to the options available for customers.

Reclaimed Flooring

Reclaimed wood has become increasingly popular over the years with households and businesses who want to re-create the feeling of an older floor. As wood flooring stockists, we sell reclaimed square pine boards and these are a great option if you have a customer who is looking for an unusual wooden floor with a character all of its own. Reclaimed flooring is also popular as a green option, in line with the increasing focus on recycling of all kinds to help the planet.

However, it isn't always possible to source reclaimed flooring which will suit your customers' exact requirements. Choosing from our range of aged and distressed flooring offers a far wider range of options and means your customers can select just the type of wood they are looking for.

Aged and Distressed Flooring

WFA's Centurywood range includes several different types of oak, ranging from distressed oak white oiled for a light finish to wood which is natural oiled and smoked for a medium shade, or smoked and dark oiled to create a deeper shade. Your customers can choose from either solid wood or engineered wood options within this range. All WFA's Centurywood products are tumbled, meaning they are turned round in a large tumbling machine together with small items of metal, such as ball bearings and screws, in order to create an appearance of natural ageing. The wood is then hand-finished. 

Once you have laid a Centurywood floor, it will only need to be oiled at intervals of between one and two years, and will not need sanding, so your customers can be assured that this kind of floor will be hard-wearing and continue looking good. Tumbling is also available as an option for most of the other woods that we supply, together with a range of oils and stains. This means your customers can choose from a wide range of aged and distressed floors, not just different types of oak.

As leading wood flooring wholesalers and distributors to the trade, WFA not only sell the flooring itself but also everything that you need to install it and maintain its appearance in the future. We are Fein and Festool wholesalers and sell a full range of tools and machinery, as well as wood floor abrasives, accessories, polishes, oils and cleaning products. We are also Osmo, Blanchon and Bona stockists and distributors.

About Wood Floors & Accessories

We are wood flooring stockists serving trade customers throughout the UK, including those in London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Middlesex and Essex. All in-stock items ordered before 1pm can be delivered the following day.

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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Revamping Client's Interior with Beautiful Contemporary Solid Wood Flooring from Wood Floors & Accessories

As Ekowood stockists and Ekowood distributors, Wood Floors & Accessories stock a host of contemporary solid wood flooring and related products to the trade, including eco-friendly Ekowood flooring, which is in high demand in today’s environmentally-conscious market.

Certainly, modern flooring options are no longer restricted to the wide planked Oak or Elm boards which four centuries ago were commonly found on the upper floors of wealthier homes. Instead, with the introduction of new techniques and materials, as flooring contractors you can offer your clients a far greater choice, so you can achieve a striking look for the interiors of their homes and businesses.

If you are looking for high quality contemporary wooden flooring, then Wood Floors & Accessories offer a full range of modern flooring products to the trade. Our selection includes strip flooring, wide plank flooring, engineered flooring, bespoke flooring, mosaic panels, parquet flooring, aged and distressed flooring, plus some of the more unusual flooring styles. As Ekowood Stockists and Ekowood distributors, we put the spotlight on the less traditional types of solid wood flooring for the modern home.

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Contemporary Wood Flooring Ideas for the Perfect Interior

A customer's choice of flooring is important to the finished look of their interior. Because the floor covers such a wide area, the choice ultimately impacts on the look of a room and, if they have a home or new build that they want to decorate in a contemporary style, there are a range of options that wood flooring contractors can provide to create exactly the right look.

Light Wood Flooring – Light wood flooring provides a look which will go well with a light, modern decor and help to create an airy atmosphere. Beech flooring has a pale colour which looks very modern and attractive, and it is a popular choice for workplaces or areas where there are a lot of people walking through regularly, because of its hard-wearing qualities. 

Traditional Style – Distressed flooring adds a rustic character to a home and may tend to be chosen by a customer who wants to create a traditional look in an older house. Wood Floors & Accessories offer a wide choice of Oak flooring treated in this way, from pale boards which have been white oiled, through to deep brown boards which have been dark oiled. Wood with a distressed finish has been treated to create an authentic appearance of boards worn through time, while at the same time still giving a top quality performance. Each piece of distressed wood that we provide is tumbled and then finished by hand.

Eco-friendly Flooring – Wooden flooring appeals to many people because it is natural, but at the same time they are likely to be concerned about helping the environment and not using up too many precious resources. There is an increasing demand for all kinds of green products, and Wood Floors & Accessories can help you to meet this demand, as we are Ekowood stockists and Ekowood distributors.

This eco-friendly hardwood flooring has accreditation from international organisations including the Forest Stewardship Council, so your customers can be assured that they are helping the planet in their choice, and an added environmental benefit is that Ekowood uses less wood than a traditional solid floor would do. Reclaimed flooring is another green option which your customers may wish to explore, and Wood Floors & Accessories offers square-edged reclaimed pine boards which can be used to create a rustic appearance.

Wide Plank Flooring – Wide planks are probably the most traditional type of wooden flooring, yet they are now making a design comeback and are one of the most popular choices for households and businesses laying wooden floors at the moment. Wide planks tend to create a more open and less fussy appearance, and can even help to give a greater feeling of space in a smaller room.

Exotic Flooring – Exotic woods for flooring , such as Teak, Jatoba and Mahogany, or paler Bamboo, can give a strikingly different and contemporary effect, as they tend to feature strong grains and provide a dramatic finishing touch to your interior. These types of wood will add extra interest and warmth to a minimalist look such as white and grey, but will equally go well with a more dramatic colour scheme. It is of course important to be sure that this type of wood has been sustainably produced, without damaging rainforests and other precious woodlands. From the Ekowood range, Wood Floors & Accessories offer the exotic hardwood Iroko Premium and the tropical hardwood Merbau Premium, and you and your customers can be sure that these products are responsibly sourced.

About Wood Floors & Accessories

Wood Floors & Accessories are Ekowood stockists and distributors and can deliver products to the trade on the next day anywhere on the UK mainland. We have built up our experience over more than 10 years and are the country's leading trade suppliers of quality wood flooring products. Competitive prices and expert advice are all part of our service.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Why Buy Ekowood? Here are Ten Benefits from Ekowood Stockists Wood Floors & Accessories

If you are thinking of investing in elegant hardwood flooring, Ekowood is one of the options you may want to consider – and Wood Floors & Accessories are Ekowood stockists to the trade. This innovative product is considered the new generation of flooring and it is sold across the world, including in Europe, the USA, and Australasia.

For anybody who is seeking flooring which is environmentally friendly, durable and competitively priced, Ekowood is the answer. Wood Floors & Accessories are Ekowood distributors and offer this award-winning product in a wide range of timbers, from exotic to tropical and European hardwoods.

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Here Ekowood stockists Wood Floors & Accessories take a look at some of the main attributes of Ekowood flooring and how your customers can benefit from this popular product.

Real Wood – Flooring has come a long way since the solid wood oak flooring of yesteryear. New techniques and innovations have given customers a far greater choice of products, so they have beautiful flooring that will last for generations to come. Ekowood is engineered hardwood flooring – which is all made from genuine hardwood, but has greater stability and is harvested from forests carefully managed to protect the environment for future generations. As leading specialists in wood floor products and accessories, Wood Floors & Accessories are proud to be Ekowood stockists and Ekowood distributors to the trade.

Extremely Durable – Wood flooring has always looked good, but now its performance can at last really live up to its appearance. Ekowood's stability is more than two thirds greater than that of one-piece solid wood flooring. A reason for its great durability is that it is made up of three layers, a method of construction which creates greater stability by counteracting the natural tendency of wood to move. There is also a surface of multiple layers of top-quality lacquers. In fact, Ekowood flooring is so robust that it comes with a 25-year guarantee of structural integrity.

High Quality Materials – In producing Ekowood, only the best quality materials are used, so you can be sure your customers will be satisfied with the results. This insistence on quality applies to lacquer, timber and adhesives, which must all pass stringent checks. Use of top materials is one of the reasons why Ekowood is a prize-winning product, having been awarded two European industry awards and also voted best Engineered Hardwood Flooring (UK/Europe) for three years running.

Eco-Friendly – As its name suggests, Ekowood is more eco-friendly than other forms of wood flooring. This is because the wood is obtained from responsibly managed forests. Ekowood is accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council and other international organisations monitoring forests, so you can be sure that the wood it uses is sourced sustainably, ensuring that wood will still be there for future generations to harvest. This expertly engineered product also uses less wood than a traditional solid wood floor, so it conserves resources.

Healthy Living – Choosing to lay an Ekowood floor can assist people with allergies. Solid wood flooring was already known to be healthier than carpets, but Ekowood is healthier still as its surface doesn’t harbour substances such as mould or dust mites, which could aggravate their condition.

Pre-Lacquered – Because Ekowood is a fully finished product, this enables easy installation. You will find your customers like it because it means that the flooring is ready to walk on as soon as it has been laid, with no mess involved and no loss of time while sanding and lacquering are carried out. Lacquered flooring also produces a very hard-wearing surface which will give good service for many years to come.

Economical – Because all the finishing process is done in advance, in the factory, this lowers the cost of the product compared to traditional solid wood flooring. So, as Ekowood distributors we provide customers with economical and competitively priced flooring. This means that we can offer high quality flooring at the very best prices.

Wide Choice – When your customers decide on Ekowood, they can choose from a wide range of timbers, all with the same high quality. As Ekowood stockists, we can provide you with temperate woods such as Oak Premium, Steam Beech Premium, Maple Premium, Walnut Premium and Walnut Classic and Cherry Premium, tropical hardwood Merbau Premium, and exotic hardwood Iroko Premium. Premium and classic woods both have the same top quality, but the grain is more uniform on Premium woods, while Classic has more knots. Every floor is created through three-strip engineering, with boards which are 14mm x 195mm x 2,200mm.

Compatible with Underfloor Heating – Most of the woods in the Ekowood range are compatible with underfloor heating, although this does not apply to Maple and Beech. However, although it can be installed for use with underfloor heating, Ekowood, like many hardwood flooring options, is not recommended for use in bathrooms, because of problems such as lack of ventilation and a steamy atmosphere.

Easy Maintenance – Traditional wood flooring might take a lot of maintenance, but that isn't the case with Ekowood. It is easy to maintain this type of flooring and it can be sanded and recoated up to three times.

About Wood Floors & Accessories

Ekowood distributors Wood Floors & Accessories are the UK's leading trade suppliers of top quality wood flooring products. We have more than 10 years experience of supplying the trade, offer competitive prices and expert advice and can deliver the next day anywhere in the UK mainland.

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